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    Sustained energy with dual carbs glucose and fructose from naturally nutrient dense dates and healthy coconut MCTs mean ENDUO is absorbed quickly ready for use with no GI upset.


    Powerful layered release from wholefood lower GI sugars and clever fats deliver ongoing nutrition and satiety allowing you to push further for longer.


    Tested against market-leading gels by London Southbank University, ENDUO showed greater distance cycled, higher fat utilisation while sparing muscle glycogen, and a lower working heart rate.

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How much ENDUO should I take?

Aim for around one pouch per hour of constant exercise. ENDUO is great to take 30 minutes before an event, then top up every 20 minutes throughout.

How do I store ENDUO?

Our dream is to be fuelling adventures across the world! Due to our all-natural ingredients and artisan manufacturing process, we recommend that you chill and use your pouches within 7 days of purchase.

Is ENDUO vegan?

Yes ENDUO is completely plant powered and vegan friendly.

Can I return my order?

Due to the perishable nature of ENDUO we do not except returns. Garments may be returned in the original packaging and in a resaleable condition.